Industry 4.0 | Predictive maintenance | Machine Learning

Industry 4.0 | Predictive maintenance | Machine Learning

Write up about Big data and ML for Industry asset management

How to handle Information overload ? - Vishnu Murali - Medium

The basic problem with the humongous amount of data creation is the difficulty in uncovering the hidden truth. In the following page, I will introduce some case studies. The solution to tackle the problem will also be presented at the end. 1.

Mobilizing Indian SMEs ready for Industry 4.0 - Tech Factory 4.0 - Medium

The Small and Medium scale enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in the socio-economic growth story of India accounting for more than 45% of the manufacturing output and around 40% of the total export of India , as per annual report of Ministry of MSME.

The dawn of Industry 4.0 : A Startup business opportunity

This is nothing less than a paradigm shift in industry: the real manufacturing world is converging with the digital manufacturing world to enable organisations to digitally plan and project the entire lifecycle of products and production facilities.  - Helmuth Ludwig, CEO, Siemens Industry Sector, North America.